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HnEmbed offers streaming links for movies and episodes that can be effortlessly integrated into your website through our embed links, API, or WordPress plugins.

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Change your movie links from =>

from =>{IMDB-ID}

to =>{IMDB-ID}or{TMDB-ID}

change this part => "imdb/movie?id=" to => movie

Live Example:

Embed Tv-Series Full Season and Episode{IMDB-ID}or{TMDB-ID}

Live Example:

Embed Tv-Series by Season and Episode Number{IMDB-ID}or{TMDB-ID}/{seasonNumber}/{episodeNumber}

Live Example:

Get movies, tv shows and anime stream by IMDB/TMDB ID URLs, is the best movie streaming API in 2023. is a continued and enhanced version of "" and "" with direct and fast streaming mechanism and 2embed index only full-hd movies, tv-series, anime whenever its available on the internet.